M:E.L.T. MASSAGE: Exhale. Lengthen. Transform.

Licensed Therapeutic Massage relieves physical pain and reduces stress; significant issues that affect most bodies on some level. 

Bodywork facilitates the ability to 'let go', decreasing physical challenges and increasing quality of life.

We only have one body and we demand a lot of it. Understand character & propensity of how bodies retain injury,  grief; aware of unique challenges associated with trauma and stress.


*M:E.L.T. Offers 25% Off ALL M:odalities to US Veterans of Foreign Wars (Spouse)* 

Thank You for Serving. 

Welcome Home.

M Lucena LMP


Licensed Massage Practitioner,

Owner / Independent Operator

M:E.L.T. Massage LLC

Established / Serving Veterans since 2013